I've been working on Ocean Cyclist for a long time.. and as a Solo project, I've had to do pretty much everything all on my own. Add to the mix working a regular day job, the progress has been slow to say the least. But, one thing that I am certain of is that Competent and Consistent productive output is integral to audience awareness and without audience awareness, the project will wlail.

Take, for instance, the work of Expedition 360 and their pedal powered boat Moksha. Unsung heroes who circumnavigated the globe by Human Power taking breaks from pedal power to use actual bicycles or rollerblades or what ever they chose to use in order to cross continents before meeting up with their boat and continuing on nautically by pedal power. I stress.. "unsung" as they should be placed atop a pedistal for the work they did but they are.. unknown. Further, it took them several years to accomplish their goals due to funding shortcomings.

I have every intent and interest in nothing short of "Competent and Consistent" productive output that will Educate and Entertain an ever- growing audience.

I say "competent" in that the output will utilize high quality video and audio equipment. How many times have you loaded a YouTube video only to have nothing but crackle and hiss .. only to turn off that video seconds in to it's runtime?! It's a proven fact that Audio is the first element of a video that is recognized by the audience and can either draw them in closer or.. push them away.

Almost as important as the audio is competent video.. if you can't actually SEE what is going on, there's no point in going on with runtime.. hit delete and get the hell outta there! So, shooting with an iPhone isn't really an option.. excepting for augmentative footage that is spliced in and not the main/ primary focus.. but making sure that the video is of similar quality to the audio pairs for nothing short of audience attraction.

So, while we won't be "blowing" our financial wad on top of the line gear, we'll be using a number of handheld dSLR cameras with On- Board audio as well as master tracking our audio with boom mic's so that all of the little nuances of our productions are captured and we can pick and choose out of the collection of available files rather than having to scrub through looking for useable footage.

I admit.. it took many different steps to get to where I am with equipment awareness.. some of those steps involved footage being created in such a manner as to be nearly wholly un- useable. It really makes editing hard.. and it makes watching even harder still. To have good/ cool proceedings taking place~ and as the stills photographer, I'm not paying attention to what the Camera Person is doing~ ibky to find, in the editing room, that more than half of the footage was lost due to hand shake or mis angled camera.. it's frustrating.

So, take a peek at the other Production Pages to learn more about the visuals and content creation concepts.



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