The Content Quotient

While any and every concept is welcomed, we are working on a few distinct and unique options.. and we do admit that nudity might be leveraged. In this, we refer to the concept that I, Myself am an ECOpunk.. I really don't give a shit for peaceful discourse.. sensationalism is where it's at, sad to say. There once was a time I thought we could talk our way clear to a more sustainable future. Well, sad to say.. the Advertising Machine has gone in to overdive and with it, our common sense! So, we buy without thought and we are urged towards things because SEX SELLS!

I am not, in any way shape or form, saying that pornography will sell this project. I have never nor will I ever produce porn. But, "Fine Art Nude" and/ or "Simple/ Happy- Smiley" nudes can be used to get the message across social outgroup borders.. with effectiveness~

It wasn't long ago I was talking about using cross- market publications for promotions. And it wasn't long ago you wouldn't see a single car ad in a bicycle magazine.. or, a bicycle ad in a lifestyle magazine. In the late 80's I was talking about advertising to the market that wasn't already indoctrinated.. and now, that has come to be commonplace. Similarly, I see that nudity (celebratory, appreciative, and inclusive nudity) can be used to push the core concepts of this project over and across Social Outgroup Borders.

I don't want to talk to The Indoctrinated.. I don't want to Preach to the Masses.. they already KNOW the reason(s) I am doing this.. I need to get to the Redneck that Rolls Coal on the cyclist (or group..) as they are chundering up that steep hill.. the inner city kid that leaves a trail of tobacco trash from the convenience store door straight to the butt he flicks unconsciously out towards False Creek.. just to hear it go "Sssss" as it hits the oceans edge. I have to REACH the wrong people.. and I admit that it is hard.. so, I'm making it a bit easier by.. using naked female bodies.



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