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Upgraded for the duration of the project.
I'm going to Circumnavigate The Globe.. a Pedal Powered Boat!
      ..To Promote Sustainability!

      I'm an Artist, Author, and Adventurer.. I've been an environmental activist for years but at the core, I am "just" a Cyclist. I'm going to use non- traditional means and tactics to maximize audience awareness for this project.. to reach beyond a traditional audience and reach populations that need to learn.. to grow.

Using Non- Traditional Measures
To Reach beyond traditional audience

      Growing up in Eastern Ontario, I decided- quite without reservation- that I wanted to do something different with my life. Thus, I dropped out in the early 90's and went on a walkabout.. meandering by "best class travel" around North America. This involved hitch hiking, cycle touring.. and a lot of walking. And through it all I met a great many people and learned from them as I went.

      I spent a bunch of time in the small town of Kelowna, BC which saw me return to post secondary studies in English Literature and Sociology. Over the course of three years, I would also work with the student newspaper there.. starting off as a contributor and growing to assume the Arts and Entertainment Editor position and, finally, the overall Management position.. which I left to pursue my own short lived periodical publishing venture. During all of this, I was learning photography and exploring various forms of artistic expression.. painting on car parts, sculpting with found materials.. and varied musical explorations.

      As an individual, I am an artist, an author and a musician. But, I am also a schooled sociologist.. half a year from "degree" status though I may be, I am only really missing the "Stats" classes.. which were my "achilles heel" of the schoolastic highway.Thus, I am bringing awareness and the ability to produce diverse content designed to be appellant to a large disparate audience. Read on to learn more..



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