Aggregation of Eyeballs through..
Consistent Production
Of Quality Content!

Case Study:
      Expedition 360 was an early attempt by others to Circumnavigate the Globe using Human Power.. their objective was to cross land and ocean using nothing but the power of their own bodies. Crossing North America, they used different means that included cycling and rollerblading. Their journey started 12th July 1994 and concluded 6th Oct. 2007..more than 13 years to circumnavigate the planet. Thus, it is my estimation that a more concerted media outreach stratagem combined with more effective project productivity would have resulted in wider awareness which would equate to greater funding potentials.. and an easier time of it.

      Admittedly, it is really hard to have "eye catching content" in the middle of the ocean.. particularly when you've been on the ocean for 10 to 15 days and you won't reach landfall for another 10 to 15 days.. but it can be done.

      Over the years, I have examined many different projects from an objective standpoint.. I have, also, worked intimitely in the Hand Crafters Market/ Trade Show environment and my distinct impression is that Population results in success. Thus, reaching a "critical mass" audience is integral to this specific project reaching it's stated goals. To this end, and after many years working on the periphery of Film/ Video production.. I am bringing many different avenues together for overall benefit of this project and all involved.

Using Non- Traditional Measures
To Reach beyond traditional audience

Some Productive Ideas:
      • Book Publishing
      • Magazine Publishing
      • "Diary" styled broadcast output
      • Creative broadcast output
      • Cross- Market Negotiations
      • Random Public Involvement
      • Mixed Activity Events
      ... And More!

      Producing diverse content across various output avenues will ensure maximized public reach and awareness equating to surety of project success. So, I am pulling together everything I've worked on over the last 30 years in order to make this entire thing.. viable and real. From my own artistic ventures to musical escapades and even Fine Art Photography, Exhibits.. and More. All combined to produce apellant content for a diverse audience, many of whom aren't indoctrinated in to the environmental fold, as the saying goes.



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