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      With a view towards online output predominantly, equipment doesn't have to be "Broadcast Quality." As such, I have already collected two Nikon D5100 cameras complete with lens and awesome filters. As an old Nikon boy, shooting with the venerable F5 for Fine Art and general Film captures, I decided to stick with Nikon such that the lenses would swap out. With this in mind, the D5100 cameras do accept the film lenses for specialty uses.. the 20mm "Wide Angle" and 35- 70/Macro lens.. both great options to throw on the dSLR's. But.. long and short of it..

      I decided to use the same bodies for all digital output in order to keep settings, frame size, frame rate, and any/ all potential hurdles to a minimum based on coehsive hardware use.

      Along with these awesome bodies is some cool lighting gear.. picked up from overseas retailers we have two (for now.. more to come) super awesome and customizable LED light heads.. AND a super cool Light Wand. The Light Heads are nicknamed "Hot Lights" as they stay on all the time during filming instead of being "flash heads" that only go off when the shutter fires.. and they are Battery Powered as well. So, all gear is Portable and use both wired and portable power sources.

      I should mention that .. for the FUN of it, I've picked up an old Polaroid Instant camera.. during production, this camera will be a sort of "stills" capture whereby all the Polaroids will be auctioned off to the Highest Bidder.. individually. This idea does pose some technical hurdles but nothing insurmountable.. but the fun of this will be expressive and long lasting.

      I do reserve the right to source out affordable higher quality gear for specific filming purposes but it is my distinct impression, presently, that it is unnecessary and will only add cost to every step of getting productive output.. out to the public.


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