Audio Gear

      After many years of watching poor quality YouTube videos and bad movies.. augmented by my own research in to production.. it's come to my attention that the first and most important element of any production is.. sound!

      If the sound is rubbish, the audience will leave.. won't sit through even a 30s. spot. This is nowhere more clearly exhibited than on Instagram where viewers will pass over crappy videos qithout blinking.. and with a 5 to 10s window of exhibition.. bad sound means lost ad revenue!
      Having quality audio gives the viewer a clear platform on which to start appreciation. Thus, I have collected a couple really awesome tools- handheld audio recorders that accepts external microphone input (Zoom H2), two- track Digital Audio recorders (Tascam DP-008) and a cool multi- input digital mixer from Bherringer in the XENYX line.
      In the coming months, I'll be adding in an XLR Boom Mic set up and possibly extra digital audio recorders with the objective of being able to record multiple sources in high quality format.



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My boat has No Name.. and while I did cycle across the desert on a nameless bike.. I really want to have her named. Something fitting. $5 per suggestion through paypal.