Talent & Acquisition

      Talent and Talent Acquisition can be an awesome element for viral growth..

      Talent can be a very strong visual draw for audience attraction..

      And Talent Acquisitioncan be a fun, entertaining, and engrossing aspect of Social Networking that can and will prove to be an integral element of Audience Development.

      Back in the day, I worked for a pre- production TV interest.. I took their online activity from less than 100 marginally active individuals to well over 1,000 active and involved individuals through the course of a three week period- a period of time that I was working remotely with very limited online connections. Armed with just a laptop and sporadic internet connections, I managed to put in to action ideas I had for the growth of membership.. and it worked.

      It is my interest and intent to lure photographic artists, models, and musicians/ musical acts (with possible allowances to include spoken word, visual artists, and more) on the global circumnavigation..

      The identified Chase Boat can hold up to 105 people.. with 10 being comprised of staff and crew, but many of the "Crew" jobs can be taken care of by "Gratis" services of the creatives brought along.. that leaves about 95 to 100 "beds" for tag- alongs.

To Whit:
      The journey holds all the harbingers of cool social network viralization and that plays well in to the concept of online contest: CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD.. FREE! The sloganization.. the statementisation.. and the promotional options are absolutely awesome. And I'll have fun... Oh, So Much Fun.. leveraging the slogans and statements drawing in individuals with the *carrot* of Full Global Circumnavigation!

The Result:
       An ever- increasing audience watching our productive output and learning about our objective. A "captive" audience consumptive of my content!


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My boat has No Name.. and while I did cycle across the desert on a nameless bike.. I really want to have her named. Something fitting. $5 per suggestion through paypal.