The Rail Rodder is a 1965 film, produced by the NFB (National Film Board) starring Buster Keaton.

The premise was.. a certain unidentified individual saw, in a newspaper, an "ad" that simply read "See Canada" to which he responded by climbing on to "Westminster Bridge," with Parliament in the background and proceeded to jump in to the river Thames. The next scene is The Man walking out of the ocean, presumably at the Eastern most point of Canada.

~> N.B.: The most Eastern point in Canada is recognized as being "Cape Spear" in Noufoundland.

As The Man walks around a little bit, he spies/ comes upon a Railway Buggy.. a motorized one or two person cart that would carry service people from shop to points of need. In the film, the buggy is running when The Man sits down and, inadvertently, sets it to gear.. to the chagrin of the worker taking a nearby siesta/ lunch.

The ensuing 20 minutes, or so, of film depict Canada in all her glory.. literally from Coast to Coast.. highlights of different cities and different vistas providing the viewer with a comprehensive and entertaining "postcard" of Canadiana.

For the purpose of this project, I am tentatively titling my work cohesively.. as "The Rail Rodder" but it is my interest and intent to rename this production prior to final release. Please, view the accompanying pages for additional information on this.



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