Reinterpreting a Classic

It takes a lot to conceptualize the effective reinterpretation of such a classic film as The Railrodder however, it is my personal perspective that this will result in an awesome production that shall highlight a majority of Canada's unique and wonderful attributes. As such, the production aims to "appear" as similar.. in that the individual, or "Railrodder," will appear to cross from coast to coast. There are, however, a great many sights that can~ and should~ be presented thus the "actual" route- while still following (general) rail lines may divert from main lines that run coast to coast.

Case in Pint: I thought of a cool "break away" from the original in that the "Railrodder" will experience a route detour.. the rail lines will have a "switch" engaged and the Railrodder will be unaware of this and start riding towards an unknown end point which has been identified as one of two points on the coast of The Hudson's Bay or a point in the NWT.. at which point the Railrodder would turn the cart around to pick up the main line at a later point.

Furthermore, with todays awesome technology~ killer dSLR cameras, super high quality video cameras and amazing Drone tech~ the shoot options increase massively.. allowing The Production Company to expand visual depictions and bring in to play so many different, unique visual treatments all adding to audience enjoyment and, thus, person to person transferrence.

This project is designed as a pre- production examination and test of ideas/ theories.. with clear and explicit interest/ intent towards audience attraction for Ocean Cyclist which is a Not For Profit interest that will see me (M. Scott Ault) Design, Build, and Pilot a Pedal Powered Boat around the world.. to promote cycling and sustainability!



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