Where ever possible, the production will make use of decomissioned rail lines in order to avoid active rail use.

Example: Rowley, AB has a couple Grain Elevators, some awesome "decomissioned" properties and a stretch of rail that sits unused.

Random Notes:
  • At an undesignates spot, the rail line will have a "switch" turned wrong.. the RailRodder will take the turn and.. head North... randomly and aimlessly.. coming to "The End of the Line" as it were waaaay up Northways.. three destinations are viable Moosonee, Churchill, and Hay River, NWT.. All would be Fly- In or Rail- In options.
  • Rail Lines don't necessarily have to "connect" for the production.. so long as there is some semblance of connectivity.. we'll be accessing the Canadian Rail Atlas for proposed/ specific route info, destinations, and associated visual entertainment.. as well as social networking and connectivity.
  • Actual Vs. Morphed/ Studio/ ? footage.. it is the goal of my production to shoot as much real footage as possible however, it doesn't have to be onboard a rail running buggy.. thanks to Drone technology, it is thoroughly possible and quite plausible to use high resolution Drones to capture the POV footage required which would reduce the necessary rail interruptions or paying attention to rail traffic, reduce chances of injury, reduce production hurdles..
  • The Railrodder is proposed to be a current/ Up- And- Coming female personality in either Triathlon or classic bicycle comeptition. Depicted, she will "jump in" with a bicycle on her back.. emerging in Halifax with said bicycle.
  • The Rail Car used in this production will be a custom- built carriage that will allow for any bicycle to be attached.. locking the handlebars "straight" and allowing the rear wheel to connect with the rail thus providing power.
    ~N.B.: The construction of said carriage will be the source of scheduled Social Media Broadcasts developing awareness, interest, and audience attention before production even begins. Said carriage is proposed to be composed of repurposed BMX frames (2) and InLine Skate wheel housings (new; purchased through existing local channels or online).
  • It is our Interest and Intent to leverage Social Media Output and Person to Person connections when and where ever possible in order to maximize Audience Attention, Interest, and Conversion.


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