Sponsoring a Reinterpretion

Let's work together, as Canadian Independants, to Promote Canada.. to Promote Candian Manufacturing.. and to promote the collective of Local Bike Shops that exist coast to coast.

We all know the facts.. more than 90% of all bicycles are sold through major "box" stores.. and thanks to Costco getting in on the bike sales business, that might actually be changing for the worser. With added education, it is my own personal belief that an increase in attention towards the LBS will result.. part of education comes with awareness- thus, it is my interest and intent to leverage Social Networking and Sensationalism in order to maximize Public Awareness and Audience Conversion.

So.. what kind of Sponsorships am I looking for?

The production is estimated to cost $350,000 CDN.. that includes the purchase of specialty equipment, hiring of any/ all staff~ including the On- Camera telent (yet to be named) and all travel, accomodation, and food costs. In order to make this work.. I'm looking to secure donations of $15,000 from Industry Manufacturers and donations of $1,500 from the Local Bike Shop network.

Sponsorship Levels:

It is my interest and intent to provide any/ all supporting/ sponsoring corporations with equitable compensation for all support provided.

Some "FAQ's"

  • Why don't you apply to the NFB for funding?
    ~While I could go to the NFB for funding, their time frame to grant acceptance is a protracted 12 to 18 months. With the current pandemic in mind, I am eager to get the production off the ground and working to promote the different regions, businesses, and points of interest that Canada has to offer.


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