Sex Sells!

As much as we would like to say that humanity has evolved beyond the primate brain of influence, it hasn't. In the last 30 years of watching from a sociological standpoint the "going's on" and developments in the Advertising world.. I can safely say that Sex sells.. and if anything, it sells MORE today than it ever did before!

We want to believe that the soft spoken, bearded hippy will be listened to because he is telling the truth..
We want to believe that Truth will out.. that Lobbyists don't run the government as puppets for their masters..

It isn't true!

As said, Sex Sells.. and it shills more plastic.. more oil.. more useless crap than it ever has in the past. Why not use it to sell GOOD?! Why not use SEX to sell EDUCATION and advancement?! Because it means reducing ourselves.. lowering our selves to "their" level.. stooping down and playing their game.. by their rules.

Here's a wake up call: There are NO RULES.. none that "Big Business" plays by at any rate.

They are Multinational.. International.. overnational.. and once Humanity spreads off this planet.. they will be Intergalactic.. if we let them! And they have no rules by which we can even come close to playing by.

I remember once.. at Carleton University.. in George's Sociology class~ I admit, my usual attendance was at a distance.. from a certain seat in Roosters I could see in to the classroom.. it was too far away to tell what was going on but really, that was close enough for me. But this one time.. I was in attendance (and George met me, by name, with a firm grip on entering the room) we talked about subliminal advertising and how each and every ice cube in print magazines had sexual words or images held within them.. he tasked us with pouring over one magazine to find the references.. and we did. MANY.. many many examples. And we missed many. Sure, "Subliminal advertising" was outlawed in television broadcasts but not in print. Just as effective. And, 100% were using SEX to sell something!

So, what's the big deal if I use nudity to draw in audience?

The nudity I propose to use is described as Fine Art Nude and is catch- phrased as being "Appreciative" or "Celebratory" rather than prurient in nature. Fine Art Nudes don't agrandize sex.. they don't hyper- orient the viewers towards the act or bodily parts of SEX.. rather, they generally encapsulate the entire being.. being more sentimental in nature.. and, in my opinion, more appreciated, longer lasting, and of greater depth overall. But, that doesn't mean that Fine Art Nude images won't be greatly helpful in crossing Social Outgroups barriers!

Social Outgroups are just different groups within society.. and people may belong to more than one specific group. But, these groups are recognized or typified by certain classificational denominations. Take, for example, the "Hipster" outgroup.. it could be said they are: Flannel Wearing, Bearded, Tight Pants wearing, Tattoo'd, fixie gear cyclists.. and for a number of them, that is 100% accurate and correct. But, try to break through to them and actually reach them with a message.. that can be difficult if you aren't a Hipster and don't ascribe to the hipster mentality/ way of thinking. But, many many many people (male, female, homosexual and heterosexual alike) appreciate Fine Art Nude photography as it celebrates the physique in all it's uniqueness.. for each body is unique and different. Thus, one post of a (censored) nude goes viral thanks to appreciation.. and that people share that appreciation across the board.

Even the Red Neck Pick Up driver that "Rolls Coal" on cyclists chundering up agony hill.. he (typified and specific, admittedly) will appreciate and like The Nude. Thus, you could say that The Nude is a methodology of "Bait and Switch" techniques where by we "bait" the audience with an awesome, celebratory image.. but blind side them with environmental educationals.

This approach isn't for everyone, I do realize this. And, I might lose out on potential sponsors and support with this approach.. however, I do feel that this is~ also~ making a point. Captain Paul Watson was one environmentalist that didn't give a fuck (from my interpretation) and has never backed down. In over 30 years of High Seas war against illegal actions, he has never once backed down. He was opposed along the way but he never waivered.. he never backed down. I don't see Ocean Cyclist as being on par with Sea Shepperds.. not now nor in the future however, the message is- the message for immediate shifts in lifestyle in order to attain sustainability is IMPERATIVE now.. and unless we do something to change our overall western attitudes, there won't be a future for us (or our children/ grand children) so..

Let's Get Sensational!



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