[YouPIC] donated two PRO portfolios:

Upgraded for the duration of the project.
      Welcome to my Online Shop.. all sales are for the expressed purpose of developing this project and making it a sensational success. But, it is also my goal to provide you, the customer, with stuff you'll be happy with. Things that won't be thrown in to the landfill in a week or a year.

Keep in Mind:
      I'm NOT looking to raise billions of dollars.. and I'm not going to build a "Cutting Edge Revolutionary Pedallo." This project won't cost massive multiple millions~ in fact, the Boat Build might be completed by Fall of 2021 at a cost of less than $75,000 (and that's Canadian Currency so.. even cheaper on the Open Market).. specifically, I'm eager to Get On The Water and GO.. ASAP!!!

Print on Demand
      Some products are going to be produced in a "Print on Demand" orientation. This means I've contracted a third party to produce items if and when they are ordered. The purpose for this is to, primarily, reduce overhead costs for things like raw materials/ products, storage, and even shipping. But, a secondary benefit of Print on Demand comes with the use of distributed production locations- the services I am using have "factories" in many different countries and it is their interest and intent to Print/ Produce as Close as Possible to the customer.. reducing shipping requirements. So, where a company, once, would have to have, on hand, all the stuff to make their goods.. today, we can go to companies like CafePress, Printful, and others and.. choose from their roster of available products. So, things like TShirts, Posters, and other more "consumable" goods will be produced in such a manner.
      My novel, The Death of Love, is a professionally published volume and is available in quantities for personal or wholesale purchase. I worked tirelessly on composition, layout, documentation and modifications.. and finally had it printed all on my own (mostly because I couldn't find "the right fit" in other publishing houses). But, I do have a few other titles I am working on right now- The BMX Girl series as well as a few other bike related books.. all being researched, designed, laid out, and prepped right here before being sent off to the Print on Demand printer of choice. This also means that if you want to order a volume for resale.. I'll never be "Out of Stock" and shipments can~ and will~ take place even if I'm somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.


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