Music from the EcoPunk!!

Zeupheldt- Moses” (AKA: M. Scott Ault) hammering on The Cube, Ann Arbor, Michigan; 09/1990.

I’m an ecoPUNK.. aggro to promote sustainability and my part is to show people that CYCLING is the deal, man.. it’s THE way to get around in an Urban and Sub Urban environment.. proven time and again.

So.. my goal is to reach MASSES of people.. in order to do that, I have to be on MANY different platforms and be PREACHY using many different avenues.. Music is one very viable method for aggregation of synapses! 

I’ve been a musical hack for decades- playing my mandolin during stolen moments and sporadically exploring different DAW set ups… so while I am not exactly vacuous in regards to the hardware and software needs and uses.. I am, also, no professional and am missing certain key considerations to make my music a reality. Thus, I have found specific and seleceted online courses through Udemy that will “fill in” the gaps and registered there to.. with the goal of completion of said courses by March of this year.

My Sonic VISION…

I call it “ecoPUNK” .. it’s my music- a hybrid of Folk, Punk, Pop, and Industrial. Using a dual microphone configuration where one is heavily processed similar to that of Skinny Puppy or Ministry.. there will be two audio signals… thoroughly messed up and raw, pure vocals. Added there to is my Mandolin.. that gets pumped through Loopers and Effects Pedals kinda like Nash the Slash did years ago. And then.. both Keyboards and App Based musical elements added in to round out the sonic presentation that’ll be kinda hard hitting.. kinda in your face.. and very possibly solo presentation in the live realm. 

The Laryngittis Recordings (samples/ explorations):

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    The whole gang is here already.. and my recording equipment is fully portableStarting with my Macbook Pro as a Laptop Based DAW.. I’ve picked up two cool Electric Mandolins and a few needed effects pedals.. I’ve also added a Short Neck Bass Guitar.. all instruments I’m well acquainted with. On top of that, I’ve got a few cool keyboards– the MicroKorg and three Volcas (Beats, Keys, and Sample) AND I’ll be adding in one or two more iPad Minis for App Based Music fun and games.. all pumped through my Bheringer 12 chanel mixer that I can use live or memorexically!.. thus, I’ll be able to Sample, Mix, Record, and Release from almost anywhere on the surface of the planet! So, once I work my way through the Udemy courses.. I’ll be proficient in using Logic X, Ableton Live, Novations Launchpad, sampling hardware and more for digital production and live performances.. it’ll be SICK! I’m already at 90% of what I need to know.. these courses will fill in the gaps and make Musical Production a reality.. finally!

Sample/ App Based explorations: