Musical Outreach

Musical Outreach for Project Growth

I’m a “musician” of sorts.. I’ve been playing the mandolin (poorly) for 25 years.. and only in the last two or so years have I felt comfortable with the sounds I’ve been creating.. that’s ‘cuz I’ve always had this kind of messed up sonic vision for my music.. a hybrid sound if you will combining elements of industrial and folk.. a hard blend, to be sure, but then I’ve never done things the simple way. I’m definitely not a cover artist.

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The Aspirations:
    • A Monthly “Play List” of curated music from interested producers. You send it.. I’ll share it.. and subscribers will be able to download it.
    • Come With.. my goal is to raise enough money such that I’ll either purchase outright or lease a boat large enough to bring people in a “chase boat” orientation. If this happens.. I’ll refit a room or two in to professional Sound Recording Rooms.
    • The “Come With” touring concert series… the journey is proposed to take 20 months/ 2 years.. and I’m already networking to set up a travelling Art Show so why not make it a full on Creative Extravaganza? Music.. Art.. fun.. local flair.. 
    • Music Videos.. I’m already networking with hand picked Fine Art Nude models.. they’ll be on board as well.. so you’ll have a bevvy of fine people to work with to produce Music Videos Aplenty and.. KILLER locations over the course of the journey! How would you like to shoot a Music Video in and around Bikini Atoll? Could happen!
    • Paid Journey… the journey is, as said, going to take 20 months to 2 years.. that’s a lot of time to take off from The Day Job (time well spent, IMHO.. but time off at any rate). You will have costs that can’t be avoided at home so.. you can’t just Drop it and Go.. you need income. So- in a “Quid Pro Quo” arrangement.. you help me grow my audience.. and I’ll make sure you get a fair wage for two years!

Think you have what it takes? It only costs $25 to find out…