Musical Outreach

Musical Outreach for Project Growth

Musical Outreach for Project Growth is very similar to Artistic Outreach and can have a very deep and widespread reach. Specifically, right now I see two very distinct phases and/ or styles of networking.. all feasable through online networking through avenues such as instagram, Soundcloud, and others.

ZOOM/ Digital Performances
    I am planning on scheduling live events that will be broadcast through various websites using ZOOM technology (or another option). Using the infrastructure of the platforms, it is fully possible for remotely oriented artists to stream- in their live performances.. adding entertainment value to the “telethon” of pedals so to speak.

Compilation Inclusion
    Interested parties are invited to donate one or two songs to a compilation that will be sold through the website and any/ all interested retailers. It will be mass produced offshore for fiscal responsibility and distributed from the Calgary warehouse.

The Invitation
    In the event fund raising exceeds the necessary minimum level of $750,000 it is my interest and intent to push hard and try to purchase, staff, and equip a sub 200 foot “mini cruise ship.” IF this takes place.. I will “refit” one salon in to a floating recording studio for Invite Only acts to Come With and.. record their album over the two year course of the global journey. They will, also, be asked to perform mostly paid events live when landfall takes place.
    In the event this Mini Cruise Ship materializes, I will also be inviting a handful of Fashion and Art Models to join the journey for various purposes that may include broadcasting various documentary elements from day to day passages to photo sessions, to event activities.