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    I am in search of Studio Space.. along with Splat and Co, we are seeking out space in Calgary, Alberta for studio/ retail space. My objective is to bring new life to old bikes.


    Essentially, the old bikes from days gone by are still amazing by today's standards so.. why junk them? They are all over the planet and some might be hiding in your parents attic or your own garage. I accept any and all donated bikes that I will refurbish and make available for general patron purchase.. Purchase Price will cover any/ all costs of the bike itself (frame purchase/ shipment, parts sourcing, service efforts) as well as a moderate but flat Project Fee of 150$.



    Nishiki Altron Triathlon bike circa 1990.. frame purchased for 350$ .. new Ti BB, new chain, new 10spd drive train, vintage brakeset, Flite Ti saddle.. total resale price: 850$ plus Project Service Fee of 150$ = total retail price of 1000$ plus shipping to the intended customer. This is meant as an example only.

    All available frames will be listed online and general parts catalogues will be made available as they are.. made available to me.  All frame purchases are for the Frame Only and a Parts Package will be discussed and billed prior to servicing, building, and shipping the finished bike.