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    Years ago, when I was a wee pup of a lad attending Carleton U as a combined Sociology- English Lit major.. I was learning about the many and various forms of advertising theories that were popular back then. Things haven't changed much.. excepting for one thing- the Cross Market outreach.

    Back then, I was surprised that companies would only advertise within media that were content specific. Take, for example, Trek bicycles.. who would advertise only in the cycling magazines. So, in all of the different cycling mags you would see the same Trek ad each month. And you already knew about Trek as a bike company so if you were going to purchase one, you probably already had. But- what about someone thumbing through the TV Guide? They are sitting there on the couch.. a sponge like audience. What would happen if Trek placed an ad therein? 

    Cross Market Advertising is more popular today but it still isn't widespread. But, it is something that I feel is a viable and almost necessary venture.

    In this, we will be looking to spread word of this project and it's component activities through various platforms that might not appear to be, at first glance, topic related.

    Think about how cool it would be... I'll be "tweeting, Posting, Sharing, and Tagging" from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.. from deep in the Indian Ocean or Mediterranean Sea.. sharing information, ideas, and experiences from the Diverse Realm of this project.. real time episodic output for project and associate growth and development.