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    45,000km.. or 45,000,000m.. at an estimated cost of 10 ¢ per metre

    Average Circumnavigation: 45,000 Km
        ¡450,000 Metres All Alone!
            an extention of my wanderlust vagabond heart.

      My boat will be a customization off of an existing wooden Wherry Skiff Kit provided by one of several different Wooden Boat Kit manufacturers. The actual build being documented and published in reality oriented, scheduled format
    . The boat will measure less than 20' in length and most likely less than 36 inches in width. The cabin height will be such that "standing up" will be impossible.. this, to assure the smallest cross- wind form factor and reduce potential roll over and wind caused drift. In this boat I shall exist for about a year.. for the entire duration from Vancouver BC through Australia and on past South Africa... through the Atlantic crossing and ultimately back to Vancouver. For a total of 45,000Km (est) or.. 45,000,000 metres. At a cost of 10¢ per metre.

    For a project such as this, Fundraising is of tantamount importance. Without external funding, I could consider the circumnavigation but as I have the objective of theoretical transmogrification as a primary goal.. securing project funding is necessary in order to maximize outreach and audience conversion. As such, I am working on various avenues of media output combined with utilizing carious productive techniques and content inclusions in order to maximize audience incursion which, in turn, rewards any and all supporters.