Askin For Cash!

Gotta Ask For Money!

Fundraising is never a pleasant topic. Money.. financials.. topics we never overtly talk about but we just loooove to flaunt what our money can bring us.. baubles, dangles, cars and tattoo's! But, it is something that needs to be addressed. I've never been good with money- I'll admit that. I lean towards debauchery rather than financial solvency but.. this project is near and dear to my heart so, I aim to Work it.. Work it.. Work it real good!  Furthermore, I'm an artist.. I move towards and with creativity rather than planned obsolesence .. I create but I also procrastinate! 

The projected cost of this journey is 10¢ Per MetreWith a global distance of 45,000Km est., the total cost coverage will be generated through a variety of methods both pro- active and reactive. Some requiring internal production and some requiring external negotiations/ networking. As an artist, I do look "outside the box" for answers regarding both outreach and fiscal income generation. Please see the following outlined items:

Website Product Sales


Rather than asking outright for donations, I'm setting up The Shop to sell..


~all products will be internally designed with external fulfillment through existing and developing infrastructures. 



The projected cost of this journey is 10¢ Per Metre! With a global distance of 45,000 Km (est.), the total cost coverage will be generated through a combination of distance based pledges, corporate sponsorships, and commercial sales.



 Pledges will be managed through a variety of structures and represented through various "in process" events and activities. 



Per- Project Crowdfunding using IndieGogo's "Generosity" spin off so that individual events/ project elements will gain financial support relieving burden on the overall venture.



Patronage is a long standing option for artists throughout history. Patreon allows productive entities to connect with disparate individuals for combined financial support.

Text 2 Give


A great way to get pledges per- event through texting! Promoting the number and the tag "ecopunk" for connectivity.



A soon to be developed online "magazine" that will feature photo and video galleries in combination with articles pertinent to output considerations. Sort of a BLOG but inclusive of a much wider content interest.