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    I am an artist. I've been shooting Fine Art Nude photography for over 20 years. Some of it has ended up in awesome online and brick and mortar stores, some of it has yet to be shown. Actually, a lot of it has yet to be shown. So, I'm launching a Paid Access Patrons Only Gallery. Right now, this gallery is "under construction" but once it is "live" it will be embedded within this site much like my Blog, which is my own core blog and is being pulled from a project I am working towards.

    I shoot predominantly with Film based equipment and most commonly I am not "in studio" as I prefer the spontaneity of the real world. And while I have worked mostly with women, that isn't a restriction. My "Artists Statement"  clearly identifies, in poetic and circuitous terms, my sentiment towards the "volume" productivity that the digital world has allowed.. and in response to the growing trend of shooting thousands of images in hopes of getting one or ten good ones or passable ones.. I've purchased a Calumet 4x5 View Camera.. it's cumbersome and it takes minutes to prep and set the lenses properly.. and then there's the processing of the film.. negatives that measure 4" by 5" .. producing a 1:1 ratio print at 4 by 6 (approx.) print size is incredible..

    So, I prefer film.. I prefer non- studio shooting.. but I will be securing studio space in Calgary and working on studio based productions along with in- the- wild shooting.