Go Aggro or Go Home!

My audience is the disinclined.. the disinterested.. the disenfranchised masses! They are the instapleased and instafed.. the quick fix instant gratification generation!

But.. how to get their attention?!?!

.. when their attention lasts 15s or less and channels are switched because..  of something more interesting! We need to Be More Interesting not just purely informative.. we need to Be Their Feed.. not just following it.. we need to Lead By Example but also produce quality content continuously.. so they never lose sight of us, our goals.. our objectives and the Content we produce needs to be Appellant and Audacious!

I think about things differently. And I understand the population that is needed in order to achieve Critical Mass. A population that craves attention for the sake of attenuation.. 

..it is my distinct perspective to create Eye Catching Material that will draw in that audience.. material that will include sensational location based documentation, Fine Art Nude Photography, Adrenaline based events, socially viable networking material, ClickBait Articles.. real information composed and laid out in "clickbait" format as well as.. a Sensational Global Adventure.. 

I Intend On Ruffling Feathers!