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    Today's audience has a sub- ten second attention span and content that is here today is gone and forgotten tomorrow. So, how do you, as a cause celebre maintain attention? By constantly producing material that is consistently high quality in both content and production characteristics but also released according to the various schema dictated by the audience itself. 

    InstaCasting.. InstaStories.. YouTubies..
    Any and every output schema will be examined for style, length, and even property of distribution but the primary concern is: Getting the information to the People who need it most! 

    This means that we will be producing stills and video stories on a daily basis.. several per day in fact. With several years worth of monitoring and examinations of social networking properties, from MySpace to FaceBook to.. Instagram and SnapChat.. I am confident that the growing team of Ocean Cyclists will produce material enough and attractant enough to draw in a large audience. And with that audience glued to our conjoined activities across several accounts, our ability to teach and inspire change towards Zero Waste will be ideal.