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    The Print World isn't dead.
    In fact, the printed document is returning with fervor as the Hipsters grow to appreciate it's classic beauty. And, with companies like "CreateSpace" and "Blurb" around, we are able to release almost Real Time Printed Documents.. full colour perfect bound magazines and books in Real Time for customer consumption.

    This means that we can produce "Anthologies" as well as monthly Periodicals.. documents that will most likely start off as annual and/ or seasonal and then grow with audience attention and interaction to be full on monthly releases.

    From an environmental standpoint, printing "On Demand" allows us to never have to worry about warehousing and never have to worry about Print Runs.. what quantities to order and if we ordered too many what damage the "extras" would inflict on the planet. We will, when ever possible, work to negotiate centralized deliveries but the Print on Demand option does allow single copies to be manufactured and delivered to single addresses.