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    Consistent Quality Content.. Production for Captivation!

    I've done a lot of different things through the years..
        in the late 80's/ early 90's I dropped out and hitch hiked around North America..
            I was a wanderlust vagabond.

        I have met thousands of people and enjoyed the plethoric comfort of strangers thoughts and considerations. I have also watched and learned about society.. and getting the word out there. I have watched many projects climb to success and others flail in obscurity. I have an unique aptitude towards sociological awareness and this has provided me with valuable insight in to potentials for project growth and ultimate success. My various associations through the years have taught me plenty and I bring this ~all~ ot bear on this one specific and ginormous project with the goal of transmogrification of ideals!

        Specifically, I am aware that The Audience will be drawn in through the use of Adrenaline based activities combined with sensational, eye catching static content. But, more than that, I am deeply aware that the content itself needs to be produced at a level that is easy to consume and, thus, share with friends.. the whole "like, follow, and share" mentality will be bolstered through not only consistent content production but content production of a high calibre.

      In this respect, it is my intention and goal to bring together a diverse collection of highly skilled and creative individuals for consistent productivity with a minimum of examination.. as in, rather than "storyboarding" each and every minute detail we will sketch out ideas and move straight in to production as swiftly as possible maintaining as short a lead time as possible. The entire team will be charged with the task of coming up with and presenting activity based productive concepts as well as networking with real- world individuals for enhanced outreach that crosses the digital divide.