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    As a former Radio Personality, and with full awareness that the "radio broadcast" concept is slowly diminishing in audience and magnitude, I feel that the Radio Format is still a viable method of information dissemination and, as such, am currently examining and negotiating to re- launch my eco- punk radio show. 

    The show I hosted was on "Party93.4 FM" which broadcasts in to the Hudson River Valley. I was live, every week, for an hour during the "Drive to work" time slot meaning that, since I lived in Kelowna BC, I had to wake up at 3am and be online and logged in for the 4am start of my show. My archives show that I was on- air for about 53 episodes, without fail. No holidays, no breaks.. 53 episodes that included a few awesome interviews. I found some great individuals involved with Solar Flight, Film/ Video production, Musicians for audience entertainment and engagement. And, I do look forward to re- launching that format of output in the very near future.