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    We are decidedly in need of financial support! We do have some awesome activities lined up, take a peek and see what we have in store for growth and outreach development. But, we do need specific funds for kit and hardware purchases as well as general project funding. With a realistic cost of about $4,500,000 USD we have a funding rate of 10¢ per Metre.. your help will be distinctly compensated across the various platforms, properties, and output schema we are engaged in and in development of. 

    Sponsorships can fall in to any of many different categories and right now, we are looking in to different methods of compensatory fiscal development. There have been many advancements made in this arena of late and we are super excited about where we are headed, we hope you come with us!

    Over the next few weeks, we'll be putting together our "about" book- a- zine that will be printed through Blurb online Print on Demand options. We are, also, working on some awesome TShirt and Poster graphics that will be published through Printful.

    Thus, as compensation for support, some options will include Brand/ Logo placement on the reverse side of shirts, branded Posters and more.. while we don't want to sound needy, we do have specific needs that are pressing and on the forefront of our minds presently. 

    We will, also, be doing some Fun Fundraising things like.. "Name The Boat" where people will be able to pay per name suggestion with the most popular name being selected.. IRREGARDLESS of the name (so long as it is a PG name). We are, also, currently relocating to Calgary AB and in the spring of 2018 we will be hosting a Pledge- Per- Car "Car Wash" as a fund raiser (live broadcast) as well as a pledge- per KM based "Spin O Thon" trying to cycle on a trackstand for 24 hours..

    And that, really, is just the tip of the iceberg..