Productive Support

Help Grow My Audience

    Audience equates to success.. help me reach, maintain, and grow my audience base as I lead up to my nautical launch in 2024..

    I’ve got a few nifty ideas for broadcast production that will help with Audience Development.. and that means exposure for you and surety for me. Take a look at the ideas, as outlined, below…

The Bottom Bracket
    The Bottom Bracket invites Virally Sourced female “contestants” in to The Boatshed, and other locations, and tasks them with assembling a provided bicycle. The contestants are allowed to reach out for assistance and help however each instance will cost the contestant one article of clothing begging the question: will she finish the “build” or will she end up naked?
    This is a “portable” production that can take place at any location with tools and stands (etc.) being packable/ shipable. As such it is my interest and intent to start production of this concept as soon as possible with a moveable feast of release(s) starting in the spring of 2023.

A rough poster idea to promote the webcast.

Ainna, After
    Borrowing from the “Drunna” series found in the graphic magazine “Heavy Metal” Ainna, After follows the day to day activities of one female in a Post Apocalyptic world. We’ll be exploring concepts of interpersonal interaction, food scarcity, tribal violence and self protection among other ideas.
    It will be, primarily, a PG-13 release with rental streaming taking place through this dedicated website and/ or available to subscribers (in development). Social Media edits and PG content will be released for audience attraction.

 Currently there are an estimated 24 episodes “wire framed.”

    The Velo Rodder is a single- instance videoscape production that takes inspiration from the 1960’s NFB production “The RailRodder” starring Buster Keaton.. breathing new life in to the concept through social networking and viral output
    Starting with a Virally Selected Female Cyclist, the production will trace her arrival at and subsequent travel from Coast to Coast using a bicycle powered “Rail Rod” that is currently in development.
    Filming will use static camera placements as well as drone technology in order to capture unique visual options.
    Social Media output of “Dailies” will grow audience involvement as will socially connected and scheduled events of interaction along the production route.
    The production is proposed to take place in late summer 2023.. following my Great Lakes open water trials within my completed boat.

The Rescue- working title
    Not all wolves are hunters.. A sub 30- minute short spotlighting behavior and acceptability, leveraging the “alternate ending” and maximizing social networking for viral outreach.
    The production will concentrate on one under age female individuals intoxication after being “fed” beverages at a house party. Her intoxication will be seen as an open door invitation for sexual activity however the Lead will prevent the sexual assault. 

    The annual Okanagan Dryer Ball Harvest.. a mockumentary.

~ in conjunction with The General Bean~

    Harvest is a 12 minute mockumentary covering the fictitious growth cycle to harvest and celebratory feast for wool Dryer Balls.
    Interested parties will be provided with scene breakdowns, storyboard, and other production considerations.

More Titles will be added shortly