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Help Out the Productions..

    I’ve got quite a few nifty ideas for broadcast production that will help with Audience Development.. and that means exposure for you and surety for me. Take a look at the ideas, as outlined, below…

socially connected “Kadence” who came down to Bowness for a Proof of Concept session with me.. here, we see a rough of the Ainna, After poster idea(s) at work.

Ainna, After
    Borrowing from the “Drunna” series found int he graphic magazine “Heavy Metal” Ainna is a female who lives during a time that is Post- Climate Chaos. In this production we will be examining different concepts such as food scarcity, isolation, mobility and P2P violence. 
    It will be released in three formats each according to specified platform parameters. For General Social Media audiences the release structure will follow “Reels” and/ or “Stories” formatting and content will be 100% G rated (scripting and visual content). For more specified platforms, longer versions that contain a more “PG- 13” content orientation in scripting and visual content will be distributed. Finally, the full episode will be released through The Website for rental streaming.
    Production will start in Calgary but will, either, continue On The Road following my progress or a small crew will continue working in Alberta shooting consistently.
    Streamed content will have a run time of up to 22 minutes and the rental fee(s) will be determined in the near futre. In this instance, we are using the Shopify e- commerce platform with the “Single” muisc and broadcast app in order to facilitate a smooth and easy process. 
    Initial production could start as early as August or September, 2022 with the right funding. Currently there are an estimated 24 episodes “wire framed.”

    Borrowing inspiration from the 1960′ era National Film Board production titled “The RailRodder” starring Buster Keaton.. The Velo Rodder will travel Across Canada on a pedal powered rail cart.
    Starting with a contiguously oriented scene that will see a female cyclist reading a newspaper or catching a social media post about “Visiting Canada” she will be inspired to jump in to a river.. her exit will take place at or near Halifax, Nova Scotia where she will find a cart on the train tracks that accepts a bike to be mounted. She starts pulling on a string and eventually her bike comes out of the ocean followed by her mounting it on the cart and.. pedalling off towards the western horizon.
    Filming will be conducted from Coast to Coast and social networking chanels will be leveraged to maximize international awareness of the production. We’ll be using a series of dSLR cameras, Drones, and static post cameras for the work and it will be mostly unscripted.
    The Cast will consist of The Female Cyclist in an as- yet- to- be- defined visually poignangt European location (ex.: on a bridge in front of Big Ben, in front of the Eiffel Tower.. among other recognizable locations). Additional cast will be solicited through Social Media Interactions en route as unpaid “Extras” and it is the objective to spotlight as many iconic Canadian sites as possible.

The Rescue- working title
Not all wolves are hunters.. A story about preventing sexual assault.
~ sort of a middle- finger salute in video postcard format to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Story isn’t the message.. the message is in the ending!


• The Lead– 30ish.. blonde, athleti-goth
• The wife– 20-ish blond hair, athleti-goth
• The Friend– 25-ish blond hair, bearded, athletic/ cyclist
• The Girl– underage; slender/ athletic.
• The girl’s friend(s)– underage/ same age as The Girl; Open.
• The Parents– typical or atypical (generally, Open).
• The DJ
• Bar Patrons– several; alt; of similar age
• Bar Staff– open
• Bar & Party extras (20 +/-)
Highway Side; Cycling; Trans Canada(x 2 views)
Overpass; Lake Louise- ish
Rancher style house; Outside View
Camper Van; Inside View
Highway- night/ Driving
Run Down Bar
House- open.
House-Living room
House-Upstairs Bedroom
Home- kitchen/ breakfast nook.
Crowdfunding Link coming soon.
Production Time Line:
Initial photography will take place Summer, 2022.

The annual Okanagan Dryer Ball Harvest.. a mockumentary.

~ in conjunction with The General Bean~

Harvest is a 12 minute mockumentary covering the fictitious growth cycle to harvest and celebratory feast for wool Dryer Balls.
Interested parties will be provided with scene breakdowns, storyboard, and other production considerations.

•Farmer- open
•Farmers partner- open
•Farm Hand- open (multiples)
•Boys (multiples; aged 6 to 14; open)
•Girls (multiples; aged 6 to 14; open)

Locations (pending/ suggestions):
•Farm House c/w Pergolla and large/ long dining table
•Fruit Tree Orchard
•Okanagan Vista

Production Time Line:
Primary Photography is scheduled for Summer 2022, release: Fall 2022.

More Titles will be added shortly