Infrared Nude Poster Print

Ocean Cyclist

A great image from a great studio session with an awesome model. Captured with natural/ available light in our old Gastown Warehouse studio, number two (one floor down from number one). Rough, hardwood floors that dated back to the early days of Vancouver when Gastown was a rough and tumble neighborhood this building used to be the constabulary stables and there were, still, a few "horse rings" in the basement. 

 Partly glossy, partly matte.. it'll add a touch of WOW to any room. • 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant

As with all purchasable items, the funds generated from sales will go directly to the project and it's overall goals. This means that 100% of the funds generated will be used for Boat Parts.. Boat Plans.. Build Space.. things like that all in order to get a small, fully enclosed pedal powered boat built such that I can circumnavigate the globe and show people Cycling Rocks!