But Why?!?!

Point Blank:
    I want to see more people use cycling to get around!

    Cycling is such an awesome method of transportation.. way better for individual, social, and environmental health than cars.. particularly within urban and suburban environments. So.. I want to see people adopt cycling ‘as thair primary method of day to day and life long mobility.‘ Heck, it’s worked for me, for the most part.. so why not? 

    I’ve been cycling for over 35 years- as a triathlete, as a commuter.. as a bike courier.. and even as a treeplanter. During all that time I have converted exactly one person to ‘the fold.’ Small numbers.. numbers that evidence the exact ability of “leading by example.” 

    I realized that if I wanted to really shake things up.. I needed to do something really sensational.. really eye- catching.. and really news- worthy.. and it had to be done all by pedal power!

Thus- Full Global Circumnavigation…
100% Pedal Propelled..
100% Powered by Pedals!