Savage Progress

A Newsletter?? Why not a Magazine?!?!

My “newsletter” is going to be
Magazine Called Savage Progress!!! 

My old “newspaper” that I launched.. covering the Arts and Entertainment community of the Thompson- Okanagan region.

Not only have I self- published my graphically enhanced literary novel “The Death of Love” but I, also, used to publish an Arts and Entertainment focused monthly covering the Thompson- Okanagan valleys titled “The Standard Exhibit.” Prior to that.. I was the Managing Editor for the student newspaper “The Phoenix” having risen through the ranks starting off as contributor, then columnist then to Arts and Entertainment Editorial duties and to.. finally.. management. And I am bringing the full awareness of Print Publishing to bear for this project!

Savage Progress ::
What Content.. cycling/ bicycles/ bicycle pictorials.. sustainability, cooking/ lifestyle.. as well as off- topic/ alternate topic content to widen the scope of appeal. There will, also, be some “regular” content.. anything to promote Cycling and Sustainability to a wider market audience.. 
What Format? Digest Sized (approx. 5″ by 8″) @ about 100 pages.
Why a FREEBIE?? The paid magazine distribution business model is dying quickly.. and as the goal for this magazine (and project core) is to reach as many people as possible.. providing it For Free to Pick Up is ideal (subscriptions will be available, Subscription costs covering shipment/ postage primarily).
What Reach/ Distribution? 60,000 units per issue.. distributed across Canada.. down the West Coast of the USA and.. *maybe* down the East Coast as well.. in negotiations for that right now!
Retail Distribution.. Interested retailers will be encouraged to purchase “lots” for in- store placement; payment is to cover shipment/ postage only.