Sensationalism, Explained

My Target Market Audience is two- fold..
On the one hand, I want to reach The Redneck who “rolls coal” on the unsuspecting cyclist.. On the other hand, I want to reach the Overworked and Underpaid. Why?

Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s!
Those who feel it’s OK to “Roll Coal” on a cyclist also would drive over an animal and drop their cigarette wrappings/ waste when and where ever they see fit. It’s the attitude of Me First, who cares about who comes in second.

That attitude has got to change!!


Work! Work! Work!
The overworked and underpaid are the bottom or near- bottom socio- economic tier and is one of the largest populations. They don’t have time to search out sustainable changes and if they do come across options.. they generally don’t have the available funds to make long- lasting changes.

Sustainability is attainable..
we need to change the narrative!


Both audiences need to learn about sustainability in a manner that is surreptitious1.: obtained, done, made, etc., by stealth; secret or unauthorized; clandestine: as in ‘a surreptitious glance. 2.:acting in a stealthy way. or.. present them, both, with a “Carrier Message” that is appellant and then blind- side them with hard- hitting information.

Poster for proposed webcast production “Ainna, After” dealing with a post- apocalyptic world that Climate Change has left us with.

Examinations and Studies
My examinations in to Instagram have shown~ quite clearly~ the variations of attenuation.. posts with static physical objects don’t grow in popularity but once you place a PERSON in the post.. interest grows. And, further still- interest grows exceptionally when that person is A) Female and B) exhibiting exhibitionistic tendancies.. wearing a see- thru shirt, being naked but photographed from behind.. things like that. If element A and B are combined, the attention to the post is quite surprising, to say the least.

As such.. and while it has been my interest and intent~ all along~ to leverage Fine Art Nudity for outreach growth and development.. my own research in to the efficacies of human element attractants has proven my hypothesis quite admirably.

I realized, long ago.. as I studied similar projects~ such as Expedition 360, The Pedallo Project, and Pedal The Ocean~ that audience is integral to success. But how to grow the Audience? Through consistent delivery of quality content that is appellant to a wide range of appetites~ with the hopes that delivery and uptake will break thru social outgroup barriers and cross attitudinal brick walls.

And why not leverage that content for educational purposes?
If material is reaching out to populations that are identified and not.. said material can be used as educational platforms. Using the “Instagram” post structure as example, the visual element could be sensationally (albeit “PG” rated) oriented while the text- based blurb could be sloganized environmentalism with the understanding that the visual element is examined with greater instantation but when people start to read the text.. all the texts should point towards the same concept- sustainability.

Edutainment.. Surreptitious Edutainment thanks to Sensationalism!