Do the ends justify the means?

I’m an artistInspired by my Grandfather, who was a Canadian Geologist.. coworker and good friend to Group of Seven artist Maurice Haycock.. I spent the 90’s and 00’s in self- directed study searching for personal stylings, an authorI have self- published the graphically enhanced literary volume titled “The Death of Love” which I will/ have listed here for sale.. as a fund raising element for this project. and a sociologistAfter studying at Carleton U, I realized I had a penchant for examining things.. particularly social things which led me astray.. to meander for much of the 90’s like a vagabond on the highways...

As such.. a few realities I have come to discern:
The CorporationI’m not referring to “corporate conspiracies” I am just using this as a blanket term of association doesn’t ascribe to any rules what so ever. If they have a product that they want the general public to purchase.. they will use what ever tactics they see fit. DuPont and it’s relationship to PFOA, or C-8 (a key ingredient in the making of Teflon) is a great example.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, hold themselves to a higher standard for some reason. My assumption~ after several years of involvement~ is that they feel if the message is important enough people will clamour to the realization. Thus they avoid using “bait and switch” and/ or “sex sells,” and other theories for advertising and outreach.. development.

Finally, The General Public is swayed by popularist concepts and the way to get to them is to feed them what they know.. give them the steady stream of pablum that they are used to.. but it is my interest and intent to inject the delivery with information.. with importance.

And so~ augmented by mine own interest and involvement with Fine Art Nude Photography the realization that Sensationalism would benefit this project specifically brought me to the conclusion that the effective promotion of sustainability could be achieved through the leveraged and careful application and/ or use of sensationalism.. sensationalism in musical output, broadcast production.. anything. Does that mean *nudity* might make it’s way in to this project? Possibly.. probably no more than a PG-13 rated film and anyhow..  “celebratory” and “appreciative” nude content isn’t half as bad (I actually consider it to be a “good” thing) as corporations moving production/ jobs overseasto increase profit margins!

I’m an ECOPUNK.. I do things different..
Let’s go Around The World for Sustainability!!!

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