Sponsorship Introduction

I’m not building the most advanced Pedal Powered Boat..  I’m building the most efficient project!!

life.. hold on to the handrails or fall off!

    I don’t want to take up hundreds of thousands of dollars.. I just wanna Do It!

    I’ve got an Open Cockpit Two Person Kayak that I am ReFitting in to a Fully Enclosed Single Person Pedal Powered Pedallo.. and 90% of what I need is already here!!

Let’s Float My Boat!
Live Link to Crowdfunding coming soon

    Starting with The Kayak (that I picked up for a mere $60).. I’m using Already Available Equipment to make this whole shebang a reality.. things like the “Propel” Styled prop drive and the Joshua scavenged Unified Rear Triangle.. to name but two items. I’ll be using LED lighting for interior, exterior, and navigational lighting to reduce electrical drain.. and tablet based navigation systems that need NO customization..

all if it… almost the entire build uses Existent Technology..
No Proprietary or Custom Made Items!

I guess this is what I was waiting for… 
The ability to source existent equipment and…
Do It Myself!

The total estimated project cost is $750,000.. a cost that is spread out over the next 5 years (that’s only $150,000 each year.. or JUST $12,500 a month!! not hard to deal with!!). That does balloon to about $3.5M if I take people “With” as in.. buying a suitable open- ocean capable micro cruise ship, staffing it.. and bringing the necessary people along for the ride.. for two whole years. But.. even that isn’t a big chunk of change if you think about it.

It’s all available.. it’s all Do- Able!
Become a Producer!!