Sponsorship Introduction

I’m building an awesome Pedal Powered Boat..
that I’m going to pilot.. Around The World!!

And I need your help!

    I’m used to doing things on the cheap.. I’ve never had a lot of money available to explore different things.. so I started with an 16′ Open Cockpit Tandem Kayak.. a recrreational vessel that leaked like a sieve.. and I’ve cut her and lengthened her.. she’s, now, about 22′ long and the cabin is about to be built.

      The total estimated project cost is $750,000.. a cost that is spread out over the next 4 years (that’s just over $185,000 each year.. or round about  $15,000 a month!! not hard to deal with!!).  

    Most of my needs are basic, rough, and available “Off The Shelf” or.. off Craigslist.. such as my boat was. And I’ll be using a tablet based navigational set up.. and I’ll be hauling with me some musical composition equipment like my keyboards, my iPad.. mixer.. and electric mandolin..

      I guess this is what I was waiting for- The ability to Do It Myself!

It’s all available.. it’s all Do- Able!
Become a Producer!!