I’m building an awesome Pedal Powered Boat..
that I’m going to pilot.. Around The World!!
And I need your help!


A First… EVER

Samples through the years of M. Scott Ault and Camera

      My journey will be the VERY FIRST… EVER.. full global circumnavigation in a Pedal Powered Boat! That’s one for the Record Books, to be sure. This journey will, also, be the very first Fully Connected Circumnavigation.. that’s a second first for certainty! 

The Cost of..
      The total bare minimum project cost is estimated to be $750,000..
some might say that’s kinda pricey.. but, spread that out over the next 5 years and it’s just over $185,000 each year.. or round about  $15,000 a month!! That’s covered by 150 Monthly Subscribers at $100 each.. right here at OceanCyclist.com.. not an impossible task! Add in Subscribers at my Soon To Be Launched Quarterly Magazine Savage Progress.. at $35/ year.. you’ve got Fiscal Viability on your hands!

      ..I’m appealing to YOU for sponsorship…

Goodies, Gear, & Needs
    Most of my needs are basic, rough, and available “Off The Shelf” or.. off Craigslist.. as my boat(s) was/ were (with Boat #2 being 100% donated). I’m keeping things simple so there’s no Custom Coding, Machining, or Parts aside from the boat hull, itself. This keeps costs down and Time to Launch.. realistic.


Cycling is sexy.. even if the regular media doesn’t portray it that way.. IMHOIn My Humble Opinion, it’s way more awesome than anything that a “custom motorcycle” shop puts together.. because it’s Analog Mobility.. it’s Two Legs, Two Lungs.. one Heart Beat.. beating STRONGER due to.. cycling!

      You’ll be able to follow along with Progress through my blog.. though Insta.. as well as some other social media avenues that I am looking at developing over the coming months.The Magazine…
      I’m launching a Quarterly Print Magazine titled “Savage Progress” for audience outreach that will see distribution down the entire US West Coast, across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawa (with discussions re.: East Coast coverage, currently), and in to the New England Corridor.. about 60,000 copies every three months sharing Project Growth, Sustainability.. and Cycling. The target audience being the Overworked and Underpaid, predominantly.. with readership expected to exceed the print run by a factor of 1.3 for a possible reach of over 100,000 persons!

      Your sponsorship will guarantee you Consistent Exposure throughout the project..  or just take some advertising space within the magazine.. either way, your funding will bring surety to this project in ways you can’t even imagine!

This has been a long time in the making
but I guess this is what I was waiting for-
The ability to Do It Myself!

Become a Producer of CHANGE!!