I want my magazine, “Savage Progress,” in your customers hands.. even if you aren’t on the Standard Distributional Route.. 

Distribution is currently scheduled down the West Coast of the US, across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawa and I am in negotiations for the East Coast of the US. I will be printing up to 60,000 copies of my magazine based on those three zones. Each zone has it’s own unique collection of existing distributional points but you can be added to the list as custom delivery points if you want.

If you don’t fall within those areas.. I’ll ship stacks to you for your customers, with prepaid shipment. Stacks are bundles of 25 copies.. and you can choose a bundle or two.. and Add In the Window and Counter Posters.. posters are 11 x 14″ and Full Colour reinterpretation of the current cover.

Order your copies now… 

The only cost is shipment but I do ask that you provide the magazine as a Free to Collect item at your checkout.. for your customers. Upgrade to have posters printed and sent to you along with the shipment so you can put one in the window.. and one at the till.. help spread the word of my project and get more people Tuned In to the use of bicycles for Sustainable Lifestyles.