The Boats Name

A Boat with no name..

    Over the years of this project I have researched may various styles and options for The Boat. I’ve seen fantastical plans that would require millions of dollars, specially configured forming jigs and custom cut drive legs. I’ve~ also~ seen makeshift projects.. “stitch and glue” modified plans.. plans for drive systems that used sprung steel drive shafts (uhm.. noisy!!) and everything in between. I, even,  invested (wrongly) in a couple hulls that set me back quite a bit in time and money.

I don’t want Ocean Cyclist to cost a mint!

    So, I’ve picked up gear from here.. from there.. and I’m taking a 16′ two person open cockpit kayak and remodelling.. refitting her to a more elegant 20′ or 22′ length.. fully enclosing her.. and making sure she is water tight on all surfaces (the donor boat isn’t.. exactly water tight). She’s sitting in pieces inside The Boatshed right now and she is… UnNamed!

    Go Ahead.. Name her!

All submissions are $5.. submit as many suggestions as you want.. voting will take place later this summer.