The Disappearing Boat

The Boat

Photoshop Mock Up.. I’m not a nautical architect but I do have a rough understanding of the whole concept so I’m using this as a guideline for the build.

The Plan
    I’m taking a 16′ Open Cockpit Kayak (2 person- ish) and:
        A) removing the deck (done) and
        B) Cutting her in half (done) and then
        C) Lengthen Her to about 22′ (DONE!) and then..
        D) fully enclosing her- Next Up!.

    She’s in The Boatshed.. cut and cored.. she looks like a chameleon.. not a boat.. and pieces are being added, glued.. screwed down and cut off to make her perfect!

      I’m not a nautical architect.. I’m not using precision equipment. Most of my tools are sourced for the purpose of commercial painting and general, rough wood work. I don’t even have a table saw- when I need wood cut, I figure out the dimensions I need and purchase accordingly then have Home Depot cut it before I leave. But I’ve got a pretty good idea of what she needs.. and how she should be sitting.

In fact.. for the most part- I’m learning as I go.

      And learning like that means I should be able to exact repairs on the fly.. out on the water.. if the need arises.

      But I have, aslo, spent pretty much my entire life living at or below the poverty level.. typical “starving artist” you can say. So, I am only too familiar with how to source out materials and tools and equipment at an affordable rate. Thus, she won’t be the most cutting edge pedal powered boat around.. but the costs of her refit will be realistic.. she won’t have any “proprietary” equipment.. most of her running gear will be sourced from Craigslist.. which is where I found her donor hull to begin with. Other goodies~ like the propel style pedal drive~ are sourced through Alibaba.. and other things will be made right here in Calgary.. By Hand!

All in the interest of keeping her build costs.. Realistic.
And realistic means.. affordable!