The Disappearing Route

The Route

    I’m leaving from Vancouver, BC, Canada in the spring of 2024 and it’s my plan to arrive back in Vancouver, BC, Canada… about two years later! Check the 30s. vid that estimates the route:

It’s about 45,000km from start to finish.. and at about 4knots per hour, that means I’ll be covering about 100Km per day.. for an estimated travel time of 450 days or 1.25 years of pedalling.. so long as nothing goes wrong.. and I don’t decide to hang out in one or another location for awhile.. or I don’t get sick. That’s why I say it’ll take about two years to get back to Vancouver after I leave.

And I’ll probably be digitally connected most of the way!

And on withThe Specifics:

The route has to be a “Great Circle.” This means that it can’t be a quick trip around one or the other Pole. A “Great Circle” would be considered as being the circle that the equator traces around the girdle of the planet. Problem: There’s a few too many landmasses making obstacles of that route. So, the route(s) generally take on a “sine wave” pattern.

The route has to pass through two points that are considered to be opposites of each other based on~ both~ longitude and latitude. These points are considered to be “antipodal” to each other and reaching these two points means that you have fully circumnavigated the planet.

I have selected a point on the North Island of New Zealand as Point One that has, as an antipode, a point two is very near the city of Casablanca in Tunisia. Thus, my route will wend its way southward to New Zealand before heading up towards Cairo and the Mediteranean.. leading me towards Tunisia and, specifically.. Casablanca.. that ancient sea port.

The route won’t be without problems and goals.. there will be many stretches of the journey that will be in excess of 30 days at sea such as leaving from San Francisco to Hawaii with it’s 2400mile span meaning about 40 days “at sea.” and such stretches will.. stretch my ability to store enough food and coffee to make the journey.. endurable.

So, give a hand and help out.
I’m stuck in the Boatshed right now but if the boat is built by Xmas of this year.. I’ll be on the water come spring!