Your Help

The Covid Pandemic hit us all really hard..


The self holding my awesome Team Chance mountain bike.. first time with clipless and I’ve never gone back!

The pandemic slowed growth and outreach to a standstill and progress was basically halted as finances dried up and the ability to move around was curtailed. I’m still trying to, slowly, emerge but the funds that were available are.. no longer. 

⊕ Help Me Out a Bit ⊕

I have a passion for cycling that goes back to some of my earliest memories and it is my impression that Cycling gets The Assist as we move towards sustainable living. In Urban and suburban environments, using a bicycle to get around is a far better thing than constantly driving motor vehicles and pumping hundreds of noxious fumes in to the air.

How can you help out?
   • I’m laying out my Monthly Newsletter.. I need it in people’s hands ASAP.. First Issue: Canada Day, July First. The Big Ask: print it off on your colour printer and fold it as it is indicated.. and distribute it where ever you can- I’m looking to have it displayed for pick up at coffe house counters, bike shop counters, and more. Any shop willing to provide it for customers is greatly appreciated but I need YOU to print it and distribute it.. getting word of this project in to disparate communities.
   • I’m also setting up a Launch Event to take place later in August.. I need a bit of help with that.. in various ways.