I am going to go around the world in a Pedal Powered Boat!

my 2011 Kestrel.. finally, I could get a Kestrel in my size.. unfortunately it’s a Made in Asia version and not the pedigree the name is actually known for.

My name is M. Scott Ault.. Calgary (alberta) based artist, author, photographer, and soundscape composer/ engineer.  

I am going to use nothing but pedal power and go entirely around the world.. pedal power for nautical propulsion.. pedal power for all boat electronics and power.. solar would be a cool backup but I’ve invested a lifetime in cycle technologies so.. I’m sticking with what I know.

I am doing this because I have always been a cyclist. Not so much a sailer but I can learn that. Being a cyclist I see things differently and I move through spaces differently. Why rush? Why not go around the world by Pedal Power.. and show people how to slow down and live a bit more sustainably?!?

My plan is to leave in the spring of either 2024 or 2025 from Vancouver, BC. As I have a fair amount of time ahead of me, I’m not too concerned with the exact time and date at this point. I will be looking in to weather patterns and trends before finalizing the departure time table.

And The Roolez that determined my Route

I am following the rules set out by the Order of Magellan which means:

  1. The Route must be a “Great Circle”  or.. I can’t just go close to a Pole and go around that. The “Great Circle” is estimated to be about 45,000km.
  2. I must pass through two “Antipodal” points on the planet.. or, two points that are diametrically opposed to each other.. I’ve chosen~ as target points~ one location on the North Island of New Zealand and it’s antopide with can be found near the Traight of Gibraltar. 
estimated antipodes.. left map shows North Island, New Zealand while right map shows roughly the Straight of Gibraltar.

The History:
I first decided to do this, in all honesty, in~ about~ 1992 while I was cycling from Northern Alberta in hopes of reaching the Earth Summit in Brazil. I was riding with two other individuals who wholeheartedly said that you couldn’t propel a boat using bike gears.. little did they~ or I~ know at that time that Steven K. Roberts was building his MicroShip which did exactly that. And several have emerged since.. all trying to answer the same question- go fast without gas!

More Histrionics Here (coming soon).