Name My Boat

Name My Boat!

    I’m going to go Around The World in a Pedal Powered Boat.. and I haven’t the foggiest idea what to call her! She’ll be about 20 feet long (6 metres) and fully enclosed for Open Ocean passage.. oh, and she’ll be mostly self sustaining- all electrical requirements taken care of by.. pedalling..

So.. what say you?
What should her name be?
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    Inspired by that naming contest online.. the one that resulted in the name “Boaty McBoatface” being applied to a life raft.. I will name my boat what ever is chosen! I’ll say right here that “Boaty McBoatface” is already taken.. but just let me know what you think my boat should be called and it shall be so!

The Roolez:
    1) Enter as many times as you wish
    2) Submission cost: $5 per entry
    3) “Boaty McBoatface” and corporate names are void as suggestions.
    4) Submit before the deadline (I’m one real person runnning this.. it’s just started (08/16/2022) so.. forgive me if I don’t put in an end- date just yet.. it’ll come soon).
    5) Help With Outreach (optional).. Download, print, & distribute This HandBill that promotes This Contest.

What do you get if Your Name is chosen????
    1) 1/4 of The Pot.. so more submissions= a larger pot = larger potential winnings for you if your name is selected.
    2) Join The Journey!!! No, don’t worry- you won’t be in The UnNamed Boat for any length of time.. except to see just how small she really is..  you’ll get a flight to one of any specified locations to meet up with Me and The Crew. Now here’s the cool part: it’s actually cheaper to give you an “Around The World” ticket than it is to bring you to the chosen destination and then send you home again. So, Stop One will be the chosen destination.. from there, you choose where you wanna go.. it just has to be all in the same general direction (no backtracking).

    All submitting individuals will be emailed as to acceptance. Voting  will be set up shortly after entries have been received.. you’ll get an email when voting is about to go live.