I am going to circle the globe
in a pedal powered boat!

   My name is M. Scott Ault and I’m going to be the first person ever to fully circumnavigate the globe in a Pedal Powered Boat!

    My Boat is going to be 100% Pedal Propelled and.. 100% Powered by Pedalling.. all propulsion and electrical generation conducted by My Two Legs Pumping Away!! Oh- and I’ll be *mostly* self supported

    ..my journey just might be the very first Fully Connected Circumnavigation.. ever.. it looks like I’ll be Digitally ConnectedStarlink has planned an upgrade to their existing satellite network to take place by January of 2023 that will give coverage throughout my entire route! all the time for live, 24-7 Updates on route and.. more!!!



But Why?!?!

    I want to see more people cycling for Day to Day and LIFELONG mobility!

    Cycling is an integral component of sustainability.. and it has been a core component of my life for more than 40 years. I want to promote cycling and sustainability through the adverse, exccentric, and sometimes adventure ridden activity of Full Global Circumnavigation.. by Pedal Power! A global first!

    Personally, I’ve been cycling for over 40 years of my life- as a triathlete, as a commuter.. as a bike courier.. and even as a treeplanter. During all that time I have converted exactly ONE person to ‘the fold.’ Small numbers.. numbers that evidence the exact ability of “leading by example!”

So.. I’m going to be a bit more visual..
I’m doing something a tad more News- Worthy..

..with the hopes of converting MORE to the awesome nature of a life built around Cycling for Day to Day & Lifelong Mobility! 

Thus- Full Global Circumnavigation…
100% Pedal Powered..
100% Powered by Pedals!


The Route

I’m leaving from Vancouver, BC, Canada in the spring of 2026 and it’s my plan to arrive back in Vancouver, BC, Canada… about two years later! Check the 30s. vid that estimates the route:

It’s about 45,000km from start to finish.. and at about 4knots per hour, that means I’ll be covering about 100Km per day.. for an estimated travel time of 450 days or 1.25 years of pedalling.. so long as nothing goes wrong.. and I don’t decide to hang out in one or another location for awhile.. or I don’t get sick. That’s why I say it’ll take about two years to get back to Vancouver after I leave.

And I’ll probably be digitally connected from start to finish!

Name My Boat

I’m going to go Around The World in a Pedal Powered Boat.. but I need some help!

I don’t know what to name my boat..

    Inspired by that boat naming contest in the UK I’ve decided to appeal to the randomness of the internet to Name My Boat. It’s part crowd funding and part just plain old naming contest fun.

    Right now, spring has hit in the gool ol’ YYC (Calgary) area and the snow is melting quickly that means a boys fancy (my fancy..) turns to.. getting out on the water and I’ve got two boats that need to be on the water this year.. You can see all the wood I have to play with.. the insulation boards.. I just need fibreglass, epoxy and a couple custom- made 3D printed pieces that’ll help me keep things dialled in. Your Name Suggestion will help me get these needed parts so that I can be On The Water this spring!

My Promise:
I will name my boat what ever is chosen!

The Roolez:
    1) Submit as many times as you wish
    2) Each submision costs $5 USF
    3) “Boaty McBoatface,” corporate names, and names of real people are void.
    4) Help With Outreach (optional).. Download, print, cut & handout This HandBill (PDF download.. if you prefer a more secure Google Doc.. it’s HERE) that promotes This Contest.

    And watch this space to learn about Prizes and Awards.. and VOTING.. I’m only one person so outreach is slow going but I’m hoping to put together a nice prize package for the Winner and runner ups.. as well as In- Process Give Aways!

So what ya waiting for? Fill out the form!!


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