Global Circumnavigation!

I am going to be The First Person EVER..
To fully circumnavigate the globe by.. HUMAN POWER!!!

    I am building a PINT- SIZED BOAT.. a HUMAN POWERED mini vessel in which I will circumnavigate the entire world! My route is being designed according to the classically accepted rules for circumnavigation: 1) Follow a Great Circle and 2) Pass through two points antipodal to each other. Finally, the route is 100% On The Water.. I won't be spinning to a continent and then cycling across it.. I'll be pedaling, ON THE WATER, from Vancouver, BC to... Vancouver BC!

Join me on this journey.. or support it.
Planned nautical launch is July 2023

A Novel Fund Raiser

You can help support this project in many ways.. one way is to purchase my Literary Novel.. it's a Graphically Enhanced tale of woe.. 'Oh, Woe is me' kinda tale.. I guess you could say it's NOT Harlequine Romance saccarine sweet yuppy shower nozel happy ending material.. but it is REAL.. it is visceral.. very visual.. and visually enhanced with photography and graphic elements of mine own design.

Route Map v.01~ rough
Mother F**K'n BIKE!


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