Welcome to Ocean Cyclist .. my little corner of the internet where I will be documenting the lead- up work and eventual passage of my own Solo Global Circumnavigation in a Pedal Powered Boat!

Yeah, that's right.. Me, against the Sea! Me, all alone.. for 45,000Km (+/-).. and ME.. powering my boat 100%- from propulsion to electricity.. for the onboard computers, lighting, cooking.. everything.. ALL pedal powered!

Think I can do it? I do.

A Novel Fund Raiser

You can help support this project in many ways.. one way is to purchase my Literary Novel.. it's a Graphically Enhanced tale of woe.. 'Oh, Woe is me' kinda tale.. I guess you could say it's NOT Harlequine Romance saccarine sweet yuppy shower nozel masturbation material.. but it is REAL.. it is visceral.. very visual.. and visually enhanced with photography and graphic elements of mine own design.

Mother F**K'n BIKE!


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