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Upgraded for the duration of the project.
Global Circumnavigation!

I am going to be The First Person EVER..
To fully circumnavigate the globe by.. HUMAN POWER!!!

    I am building a PINT- SIZED BOAT.. a HUMAN POWERED mini vessel in which I will circumnavigate the entire world! My route is being designed according to the classically accepted rules for circumnavigation: 1) Follow a Great Circle and 2) Pass through two points antipodal to each other. Finally, the route is 100% On The Water.. I won't be spinning to a continent and then cycling across it.. I'll be pedaling, ON THE WATER, from Vancouver, BC to... Vancouver BC!

Join me on this journey.. or support it.
Planned nautical launch is July 2023


Cycling for Mobility

Cycling is a phenomenal method of day to day and lifelong mobility!!

For most of my life, I've used cycling as my primary method of mobility and it is my intent to use this project to educate an ever- growing population about the benefits of cycling as a primary method of mobility.. from personal experience to sensational activities my goal is to shock in to awe a couch surfing populace in to activity!
Fiber Environmentalism

SloFashion for Sustainability

Fast Fashion is destroying our planet.. slow down!!!

For the last decade (nearly) I've been working with wool fiber and have come to realize the amazing totality that is sheep herding and the production of wool for garments and wearables. So, I intend to educate the masses away from synthetics and acrylic products.. away from heavy chemical farming and over to the many varied benefits of wool specifically and slo fashion generally.

Activism for Sustainability

Cycling is a gateway drug towards increased sustainability!!

Cycling is a sustainable lifestyle choice and it leads to almost ever- expanding realizations for additional and augmentative methods of sustainability. It's my goal, through this project, to highlight and discuss such options for audience education and general promotion.
Plastic Perversion

Plastic Pervasiveness

You've probably heard about how pervasive plastic pollution is on the planet and in the waterways..

Micro Plastics are being found in places where there should not be any.. and I fully intend to use any and every method for researching how pervasive the plastic problem has actually gotten. I'll be conducting research as I go and releasing findings along the way.. spotlighting the exact volume of our possibly most pressing problem.. plastic perversion!


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