The Boat

The Boat

A simple photoshop mock up.. I’m not a nautical architect but I do have a rough understanding of the whole concept so I’m using this as a rough guideline for the goal build.

The Plan
    I’m taking a 16′ Open Cockpit Kayak (2 person- ish) and:
        A) removing the deck (done) and
        B) Cutting her in half (done) and then
        C) Lengthen Her to about 22′ (next up!) and then..
        D) fully enclosing her for Open Ocean Passage.

An example of a Gary Fisher Joshua/ Level Betty frame with a “Unified Rear Triangle” rear end.. almost exatly like the one I’ll be installing in My Boat.. except mine is cream coloured, not black 😉

    She sits in pieces in The Boatshed presently.. and lengthening is about to begin.. imminently!

    She’ll have a “Propel” style pedal drive that will have, as a “primary drive” a “URTA Unified Rear Triangle.. from the heady days of Mountain Bike Explorations.. it placed the Bottom Bracket and Rear Drop Out together in one unit” rear triangle pirated from a Gary Fisher Joshua (Thanks, Gary!) so that I can have more gearsGears on Water? But water is flat.. you don’t need no stinkin gears on water.. says many many people. However- I know my physiology– I know that at certain times I wanna CHUNDER and I’m good at it.. so, flip it down to a tough gear and PUSH HARD.. later on I wanna maybe lighten the load a bit.. slip it to a lighter gear and.. spin away. We have high points and low points of energy.. using multiple gears means I will be able to maximize my efforts throughout the day for propulsion AND energy generation..  maximizing my physiological make up for overall progress.

    And it looks like I’ll have a few webcam connected tablets for navigation and live 360° viewing.. since I’ll be in an enhanced “recumbent” position (wait till you see the Pilots Chair.. it’s gonna be cool!) I’ll be using tablet based navigational tools to live- view my passage (sure, I’ll have Portholes and windows.. and hatchways.. but when I’m moving it’ll be Tablets showing me where I’ve been and where I’m headed). And Tablets don’t use a ton of electricity.. my energy requirements are a big concern because I can only pedal- generate so much in a day.. have to keep all demands to a minimum.