M. Scott Ault

So, my name is M. Scott Ault.

A few self styled images

I was born in a small town that happens to be the seat of Canadian national governance. It was a wonderful place to grow up.. so much so that as soon as I was able, I hit the open road for “greener pastures” where ever they may lay.

Leaving Ottawa, in the fall of 1990, I meandered my way around N. America for a few years.. picking up odd and disparate work when and where ever needed.. and kept moving on. I was a vagabond heart and where ever I lay my hat, at the end of the day, was my home. I guess I was kind of like a snail.. slowly moving through the years~ and my life~ with my house/ home on my back. It was.. an interesting period of growth and development.

Right now, I live in Calgary, Alberta with my wife.. the love of my life (I refer to her as “Sparklefaerie” since she imbued my life with sparkles when we first met) and our 10 year old daughter~ who just got accepted in to Calgarys Arts Academy for the start of school this coming fall.. grade six (WoW!!!) meaning she’ll be doing an arts- centric education until her graduation.. what an incredible opportunity for her.

Some additional background..

I am recovering from 40+ years of psychological abuse.

This past spring I came to realize the incredible crushing depth and breadth of abuse that has been meted out on my person and psyche by my mother and family for over 40 years. This abuse has caused me incredibly great suffering and produced an environment where I constantly question my own motives, abilities, and potentialities.

I am working to recover from that abuse such that I can say I am a SURVIVOR.

To me, cycling has always been a meditative activity. When I was cycling from Phoenix to LA.. methodical.. some might even say plodding progress.. knowing that I am the only one who can support me if need arises and I am the only person I need to answer to on the other hand. I didn’t realize it then but I was working through abusive issues.. and when I wasn’t cycling I was writing.. or painting.. or sculpting.. working through issues and trying to “get clear.” Over the last decade or two.. my creative output~ and the volume of my cycling~ has diminished.

So, the thought of cycling.. 12 to 18 hours a day.. every day.. for about 2 years.. actually has me excited.. brings me joy and I feel it will be incredible therapy. Add to it the ability to produce music as I go with my portable DAW studio gear and sampling equipment.. and (of course..) photo sessions near and far.. I’ll be creating, writing, composing.. and CYCLING through necessary therapy.

I do have a family I need to answer to.. a family I am deeply comitted to and passionate about.. I say “The Love of My Life.. and the life of our love!” I need to ensure my safe return for them.. and so I can move on to the next phase of my life.

**I’ll add to this sporadically**