Become an Internationally Recognized Model!!

    I am currently seeking individuals who want to Get Paid to “sail” around the world.. promoting.. modelling.. have a pretty darned good time. Touching down at some super cool and hard to visit places like Jervis Island.. Pago Pago.. Christmas Island and MANY MORE cooool locations as I pilot my single- person pedal powered boat along the same route. You won’t be in my boat.. you’ll be in the “Chase Boat” or you’ll be flown to the Next Destination..

    Your modelling will be for (but not restricted to..),, (coming soon) and some others. I might want to publish a Coffee Table Book of your images.. and I’ll be offering Zip Downloads of our work together.. and you’ll share in the profits of all that.. AND get paid!!!

You might run the risk of being Voted Off The Boat..
..or you may be Voted to Stay Onboard..
..the longer you stay, the more you’ll earn.

    You will pose with Bicycles… on beaches.. and on boats.. you’ll pose solo and with other models but you will never be asked to do anything ‘untoward’ or “prurient” in nature.. mostly just Celebrating the Natural Beauty of the Body and Surroundings.. and Bikes! You’ll participate in promotional events like Shoot Outs, Music Festivals, Art Exhibits.. WebCast Fund Raisers,. You’ll work with ME.. and a plethora of photographers around the world. And you’ll get PAID to do it!

To be considered, you do need to fill out the form
    Each application has a $25 processing fee (non- refundable).. Please include images with the application and be as thorough as possible.. the more “deets” you give the better.

Want to help out?
Want to get paid to go around the world?