Ocean Cyclist Model Search

My name is M. Scott Ault.. and I am going to become the first person to fully circumnavigate the globe in a pedal powered boat…
And I need your help!

I spent the 90’s hitch hiking and cycling all over North America searching for… reality and truth. Today, I am going to circumnavigate the globe in a pedal powered boat as Ocean Cyclist.. but yes.. I ned your help..

But what do Nudes have to do with all this?!?!

Very good and apt question.. at the core, I’m an EcoPUNK.. I do things differently.. I’ve lived my entire life according to a different ethos and I don’t see why I should calm down and do things normally any time soon!

Spefically and to the point:
    • I’ve been shooting nudes for nearly 30 years and I don’t see myself slowing down at all nor do I see me putting this practice on pause. In fact- I see the very real possibility of bringing selected exceptional individuals along for the jounrey (not in my boat.. don’t worry) and/ or working with virally discovered individuals at various points along the route.
    • I am~ also~ a sociologist of sorts ( like.. three credits short) and so..  I know that leveraging nude content to promote sustainability to a wider audience will maximize outreach and adoption.. and we need More People doing sustainability to their ability.. not a small number of people living perfectly.
    • Finally.. fundraising is a necessity. As such, I have recently launched my membership driven website “altphotoart” specifically as a tool for generating fiscal support for Ocean Cyclist. I will, also, be publishing Fine Art Nude photographic collections in hard cover basis- books that’ll be about 200 pages measuring 8″ by 10″ and will be for sale through my various websites.. you could be in one of them or.. perhaps you could have your very own book- all about you “au naturel” or.. completely unclothed/ uncovered.

Want to help out?
Want to get paid to go around the world?