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[YouPIC] donated two PRO portfolios:

Upgraded for the duration of the project.
    Want to get paid to be in an exotic location Music Video?
    Want to get paid for a photoshoot on the Bikini Atoll?
    Dance at a RAVE in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

    The Bikini Atoll was home to "Castle Bravo" which was the largest thermonuclear test site by the US Military and it took place over 60 years ago. It devastated the island.. and most of the world has forgotten all about it. Bikini Atoll is on my route around the world.. it's been declared safe to visit (just don't drink the water or eat food off the island). So, let's do some Sensational Visual Activisim on the island to bring attention to what The Military did.. to the inhabitants, to the environment.. and what they *aren't* doing about it now.

    This isn't a Three Hour Cruise.. this is a Full Year of sailing, modelling, acting.. it'll be a lot of work but it'll be a lot of fun as well! Your online portfolio (modelmayhem.. onemodelplace.. or any of the others) will ROCK after the trip.. and the best part- you'll be PAID to go around the world if you are selected. But, you do need to be comfortable shooting artistic nudes in order to be considered. Here's some rough rules/ ideas of what can take place and what is needed...

You'll Get:
  • Paid Circumnavigation.. base monthly plus Landfall Per Diem(s) and.. Completion Bonus*
  • Work in a variety of exotic locations with a huge variety of artists
  • Be in Music Videos
  • Party in the middle of the Ocean(s) on the Floating Party "barge"
  • Line Crossing Ceremonies and Recognition
  • Meet & Work with the most diverse collection of artists, producers, and creative talent possible
  • Participate in (Paid) Shoot Outs (several models, lots of photographers) at locations that will be secret but awesomely promoted.
  • .. and more..

Right now..
    I am about to start rebuilding my Boat
.. it's a small 16' kayak- ish mini boat right now and I'll be cutting it in two in order to grow it to about 22' before adding in the pedal drive and closing in the cabin entirely. All steps that will be documented for posterity and entertainment.. all steps that would benefit by having "Walk- On" participation.. think of it kind of like Pamela Anderson's role in the fictitious TV show "Tool Time with Tim Taylor" that was in the 90's sitcom "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen. Wearing short shorts, and/ or skimpy clothing Pamela Anderson would bring tools on to the show.. in this updated version of the concept, the selected individual(s) will be wearing skimpy clothes, be topless, and/ or nude.

    Needed Now, in Bowness: On Camera/ Walk- On Talent (skimpy clothes.. possibly nude).

    Additional current/ concurrent production will be "unboxing" events that will include gear for the project as well as receipt of complete bicycles.. some of which will be assembled on camera- the Hostess, mentored by an industry expert, will assemble the received bikes.. learning more about bikes as she does.



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