• The wheelhouse is the core.. the crux.. the nerve centre of the boat. It sources navigation, visualization, safety.. everything. My wheelhouse is also my cockpit where I'll be seated, in the recumbent position, and pedalling away for anywhere up to about 18 hours each and every day on the water. Your monthly sponsorship will help my project grow and reach nautical launch sooner than anticipated. Thus, you will be given enhanced access to the sporadic content of this site. But remember- I am looking to set up a Starlink Marine Satellite Connection such that I'll be able to "update" from anywhere on the surface of the oceans as 99% of my route falls within their internet broadcast coverage range.
    The Figurehead is, generally, the female figure that sits just below the Bowsprit and caresses the bow of a ship. While I do hope to make a Figurehead, it will be one of the last tasks prior to nautical launch of My Boat. As a Member of this level of monthly sponsorship you will be able to access additional blog posts and categories that are created just for you.
    The "Bowsprit" is that pointy thing that extends off the bow of a sailing ship.. I am installing on eon my boat but it is purposed, mostly, as visual enhancement and placement for the Figurehead.. but also as a tie- down point for the "Com Tower" that will hold my elevated visual aids. Your monthly sponsorship will help me grow this project and realize nautical launch in the very near future.
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