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Boat2.. sitting buried by snow.. the weather, here, is warming up and I can see this tiny boat emerging from her wintery cocoon.. which means I can start the last two steps to get her prepped for the water… And then maybe by March 15th.. three months later than I had hoped (three months and five years, to be precise) I’ll take her to unfrozen waters for testing out the transmission.
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Motorboating is fun.. but this post has nothing to do with the above gif, sadly 😉

When I was a kid.. I’d spend part of my summers at my grandfathers cottage.. grandfather on father’s side (Grandfather on mother’s side passed away before I was born). There was this super fun boat, called “Thump,” that we’d water ski behind.. and grandpa had his “big” boat.. and Dad had his sailboat. I preferred the sailboat.

I never thought of where the exhaust went until recently. I didn’t have any reason to- I don’t have a “motorboat” and I don’t use boats predominantly. So, knowing how motorboat engines work and where their exhaust goes was of no consequence to me until.. recently. Don’t know why but.. I got curious.

Turns out that outboard engines (I’ll post about inboards later) use the water around the boat to cool the engine.. and the used water AND exhaust are pushed out through the propeller. It makes the whole experience that much quieter.. but really- push the echaust in to the water?!?!

It doesn’t really make a whole heck of a lot of sense to me.. especially with the rise of leisure activity boaters on bodies of water.

In the Okanagan.. on Lake Okanagan.. I personally have seen a drastic increase of motorized aquatic uses of the lake in the 20 (+/-) years I’ve been hangin’ around and doin stuff in the area. Today, there are plethoric boats and many show little or no regard for rules of conduct.

The Life Aquatic
Lake Okanagan is a good example for examination as The Lake is literally surrounded by fruit bearing farms.. wineries and general fruit farms. 

So- what about the life in the lake?

It’s dying.. slowly being suffocated due to human activities.. 

Our fertilizers are changing the Ph basis of the water and making The Lake a haven for algae growth.. which is on the rise.. ever heard of Algal Blooms? It’s not a good thing! But also with the rise in motorboat traffic.. we have POISONS being pushed.. infused.. right in to the water!

This isn’t a sciency post..
it is meant to show folks that we~ all~ need to wake the fuck up and start to change our fucking destructive habits!

And here’s the rub, as the saying goes…
Most people DO what they are told.. they BUY what they are advertised.. and accept what they are shown to be LIFE and goals. Most. Not all. I never did. I views the advertising machine as AUTHORITY and I spent my 20’s…. 30’s… 40’s… (and 50’s) FIGHTING against.. railing against.. denying importance of AUTHORITY and the advertising machine. So, I think Differently!

And in thinking differently.. I see cause and effect.. differently. Our society needs Shakabucku.. the swift kick to the spiritual head that alters our reality (coined/ discovered in the film “Grosse Pointe Blank“) and the peeps that really need that swift kick to the head are the freakin rednecks that Roll Coal on cyclists.. and the people that need the INFORMATION to change are the Overworked and Underpaid masses.. I was one of those but I had already been indoctrinated in to a life built around CYCLING so I was already.. more than half way there.

So- my goal is.. REACH those that are, supposedly, unreachable through many various tactics. And if I can convince a handful of my target market audience to give up their motorboat (or, better yet.. convert it to electric).. then my work will be successful.

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Finally got to see it in person.. the #mandolin that #inspired years of #weak and #feeble #mandolin experimentation.. “work” that I am hoping will start to produce auditory fruit shortly.
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Missed being #home for a couple weeks.. #love making healthy #homemade food.. slicing up #carrots on the #bias and saving the #scraps to make #vegstock (soon) is not just #heartwarmning but is therapeutic. #toronto was fun.. woulda been #funner with my #entourage.. but I am so happy to be home, healthy.. happy.. and safe 🙂
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Smoothies For Me

So, I’ve been wondering about acoustic devices that I can take with me on my boat.. things that’ll help my day to day existence be more like.. a regular day. One such device would be a blender of small proportions to either grind coffee or make smoothies. I love smoothies.. I’ll see if I can post some recipes but mostly, I make them up from what ever is on hand.

I’ll be Freeze Drying a bunch of food before I go and having food dried as such for shipment to specified destinations along the way.. so re- hydrating is a simple enough task- take the de- salinated water that I make every day and add it to the fruit/ smoothie ingredient bag of choice and.. blend it away. 

But- even though I have found a few USB based units.. they are heavy, cumbersome.. and electric appliances don’t really do all that well in an open ocean environment so.. hand- pull spinner blender? Fits in the palm of my hand.. the tester version that is. Other sizes are available.. but I figured I’d start off with this tiny unit and see how it goes with different items.. how choppy it makes things and all that.. and then~ if I’m satisfied~ I’ll order larger sizes to play with before.. departure.


Building the Steerage

Teflon “tubing” that really isn’t all that sturdy but it is slippy and a *perfect* size for the build…

So, with the RUDDER arrived I was.. anticipational about the other two parts.. they are *kinda* important.. 

The first part is Teflon Tubing. Not entirely sure if it is really teflon.. but it is super slippy and the size is DIALLED IN! It’s OD is 18mmor.. Outside Dimension/ Diameter and the hole measures 14mm,and length is a whopping 50cm end to end.. so it’s got extra length allowing for mistakes in cutting..but WHATFOR?!?!?!

Before I get in to “WhatFor” .. there is a partner piece that I ordered and it arrived while I was Out East.. it’s a similar length (well, exactly similar length) tube of 3K carbon.. it has an Outside Diameter of 14mm.. who cares what the inside diameter is (but for info holics it’s 12mm for a 1mm wall thickness) and.. guessy guessy.. the length is.. yup- 50cm. Same size as the teflon.. and the exterior size of the carbon tube is exactly the hole size of the teflon… hmmmmm makes ya think, don’t it?!?!?

The carbon tube will~ eventually~ mate up to a chopped- down rudder.. and it will be insterted in to the Teflon Tube… as a rudder steering system.

So, what’ll happen~ after I use the rudder As Is with Boat2 trials on unfrozen ponds~ will be.. after drilling a hole thru the hull, the Teflon Tube will be *affixed* to a teflon wedge that will be mounted against the current rear bulkhead of Boat1 (process will be repeated for Boat2 afterwards.. or maybe I’ll use Boat2 as tester.. as she is tester thus far.. of everything).. then I’ll set up “walls” around the the tube (and, obvie.. ensure that the tube is aligned as vertically as possible).. then I’ll POUR in some epoxy with Carbon Chop as reinforcement. This’ll be the Thru Hull passageway for the Rudder Post… 

The Rudder will be chopped off of it’s flippy flippy set up and ground down just a little bit to make it.. look all nice and svelte. And the Carbon Tubes will be sliced ever so slightly allowing the Rudder to wedge in.. meaning- the rudder and Carbon Tubes will be One Piece (after applying a bit of carbon tape & epoxy.. and filling the tube(s) with carbon chop + Epoxy blend….

I’ll add a circular disc to the top of the carbon tube that’ll have specially configured cables running to the cockpit area so that.. I pull one cable to turn one way.. the other to turn the other way.

The steerage system doesn’t have to be ultra smooth.. it’s not like I’ll be making consistent modifications.. won’t be “turning” the boat frequently or a lot.. the important thing~ as far as I could estimate~ was that One Piece would rotate against the other piece with little resistance and.. The Objective has been MET !!

Now.. to do some cutting of wood.. some hammering of nails.. drilling of holes.. and getting Rudder on to Boat2 for On The Water testing later next month (in Kamloops.. in Vancouver????)



Nylon rudder that goes all “flippy flippy” off the stern. It sits in a closed position but my set up will have it fixed in it’s deployed configuration.. super simple and easy peasy to build on to Boat2.

Just got back from two weeks in Ontario.. I went out there for a trade show with my hand crafting company “The General Bean” and with the hopes of generating increases in wholesale orders for our needle felting kits. It was a ton of fun and I met tons of great hand crafters.. and had a super awesome night out on my oddy knocky meeting and watching Dan Bern ply his musical master works. 

Before I left, my rudder arrived.. it’s the final piece of the puzzle so to speak.. it’ll be used~ as is~ for Boat2 in a month or so.. I’ll build up a wooden “harness” system so that it just plops in and I can pull one cable to turn one way, another cable to turn th’ other way.  But.. it will be getting chopped because as I was away two other parts arrived. Tomorrow will have info on those two parts.


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The Real Dan Bern.. such an awesome show! I highly recommend picking up his music and going to his shows!

Me and the man.. @realdanbern here in #thegta.. at the Monarch.. been a fan of his since ‘fifty eggs’ was released and it floated across my ‘arts and entertainment’ editorial desk.. but never had a chance to go see him live. Not only was it an awesome show.. I walked away with two signed LP’s!!! Can’t wait to get home to slap them on the turntable (but part of me doesn’t wanna go home since we have so much work.. so many orders to fill) 😉
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Do you feel #locked? Have you reached an #impass ? #sustainability isn’t just a #watchword and WE, the garbage monsters of the planet need to realize #change is not something to #hope for.. something that #might happen.. it is something that is #immediately #needed!!

My hope with this #project.. no #matter if you like what I do or think I will #succeed is to #engender #adoption of #sustainable #lifestyle #choices and #shake the #lemmings out of #apathy!!

Open the gate.. let the #floodwaters of change in!!
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I’m planning on shooting some super cool drone and stills this august as I return to Toronto (and return there from.. once again).. there were several wind generating farms that I passed last week.. exciting to see changes in energy production.

Ever wonder how big one blade for a wind generating turbine can be?? Saw one parked on the side of the Trashcan (term of endearment for the Trans Canada Highway 😉 ).. but I was beetling along at too good of a clip heading to #toronto for a wholesale show.. but my opportunity came later in the night with no cars/ trucks around.. if I had a co- pilot, I would have stood on the thing for reference. IF I’m not mistaken, they have to have someone at the very end working the trailer so it doesn’t go off half colked.
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